CREATOR’S BLESSING INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION, INC. (CBIFI) is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 27th of January, 2016, with SEC Reg. No. CN201601645. CBIFI is inspired and started from the compassion of its Founders of helping the underprivileged. CBIFI is built in YHWH’s (God Almighty) grand purpose of loving Him above all and loving others as we love ourselves. Loving God is worshiping as our Father in heaven, following His commands, and loving others through taking care of the poor and the weak, and lead them towards prosperity with dignity. Thanking Him in any circumstances as an act of worship because we yield to His will while developing contentment in our hearts where true joy resides.

To become the vessel of creating a lifestyle of Godly character, prosperity, and happiness.

To deliver faith, hope, and love in every home.

Faith is our spiritual capacity to believe, trust, and having a sincere relationship with YHWH (God Almighty) as our Creator and Father, to His only Son Jesus Christ whom YHWH sent as our Savior, and to the Holy Spirit as our Councilor. Hope is our spiritual capacity to see and to expect the bright side of our reality. Love is our spiritual capacity to manifest selfless service and sacrifice for others.

CBIFI acts as God’s vessel of faith, hope, and love by delivering an avalanche of blessings to its members with the help of selfless and compassionate officers, volunteers, partners, and sponsors around the globe. CBIFI opens the possibilities and opportunities in creating a blessed living.

CBIFI is committed to achieving its primary mission intended for the general welfare and life improvement of its members. The overall objective is to uplift the economic and health status of the less fortunate and to promote and cultivate a Christ-like way of living in every home as the bedrock of our society.

The particular implementation of the CBIFI’s mission is to provide shelter, food, clothing, health care, scholarship, retirement benefits, financial aid and technology for the farmers, start-up capitalization provision for livelihood, and other related social services. It highlights training development programs to increase the core competencies and entrepreneurial capability of its members, to make them future-ready in the landscape of the 21st-century economy.

To enlighten and equip its members to become self-sufficient and a life-giver of blessings for others;
To guide and develop its members through self-leadership and positive values formation activities;
To encourage its members to participate in life-building programs set by CBIFI such as creating sustainable economic opportunities and health care programs that shall improve their overall living standard;
To properly allocate sponsorship and grants provided by our philanthropists for CBIFI’s priority development projects and expansion;
To conduct meaningful socio-economic programs for the underprivileged such as the poorest of our society, PWDs, senior citizens, single parents, out of school youths among others.


CBIFI supports the Philippine government’s economic and health programs by creating projects that is aligned for country’s rapid developments.