Dr. Pi Water +: Promoting Good Health in Every Home

In support of the Philippines’ National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) project, “Ambisyon Natin 2040: Matatag, Panatag, at Maginhawang Buhay” Creator’s Blessing International Foundation Inc. (CBIFI) partners with with Dr. Helen K. Lim, CMD, AMD, Triple Pi (π) Oxygenated Water Technology Inventor, Naturopathy and Natural Medicine Consultant, to promote good health in every home through its Dr. Pi Water + Bottling Project.

The water that saved thousands of lives

Dr. Pi Water + is a life-giving premium drinking water for optimal living. It is based on the power of the state-of-the-art Pi water technology with over 50 years of research, developments, and proven records of great benefits.

State-of-the-Art Tecnology

It passes through 36 States Nano Filtration and Processing without altering the composition of water, retains water’s essential minerals, and 100% removes all kinds of viruses, bad bacterias, and harmful substances present in the water.

Adaptable and Flexible to All Needs

It is best for Personal Use, Household, Beauty and Wellness, Recreational, Sports, Medical and Clinical, Industrial, Agricultural, and many more essential purposes.